Our Mission

We are a 501c3 public charity committed to healing the world through the promotion of whole food, plant-based nutrition.  We partner with existing non-profits and community-based organizations to spread our message far and wide.

We are in the midst of a national health crisis. At no previous point in history has the whole food, plant-based message been more important.

Current health statistics in the United States are shocking. Lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity, heart disease, cancer, stroke, and Type 2 diabetes are associated with the deaths of roughly 1.4 million people each year.

Our Strategic Vision

Our goal is to offer our programming free of cost to interested partner organizations including educator groups, public health workers, first responders, students, social workers and more.

Most of our fatal diseases are preventable and reversible. We need to treat the cause, it’s that simple.  


We love educators of all levels. Our goal is to create an army of plant-based role models in our schools and universities, ones who can help us spread the good word about plant-based nutrition.

Medical Professionals

Medical professionals of all levels must be educated in plant-based nutrition. We especially love working with medical students, the next generation of practitioners. 

The General Public

We partner with existing non profits of all types to reach the general public. If you can help us gather a group of interested participants, we would love to work with you.

What Makes Us Different?

Cost-Free Programming

Programming will be accessible to organizations regardless of the ability to pay. That’s right, our programming will, in most cases, be free of charge.

Collaborative Partnerships

We will collaborate by partnering with other nonprofits and community-based organizations across the United States to provide the best access and programs.

Human-Centered Design

By conducting action research within our partnering communities, we will be able to help them prototype real-world solutions, ensuring the program’s efficacy.